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Leadership Begins in the Kitchen Programs

Below are a list of programs that are offered by Petran Unlimited. Each of these programs can be tailored to meet the clients needs. Specifically, the program can include physical demonstrations or involve the participants in a hands on approach to the selected topic. Double click on the title of the program for an outline.

Role Modeling


"Cinnamon 'Role Modeling'" - This programs focuses on the importance of role modeling within an organization. This program uses a demonstration of making cinnamon rolls to emphasize the importance of leadership, mentoring, and succession planning as a role model.

Strengths Focused Leadership


"The Dinner Plate: A Metaphor for Life" - This program uses the research from the Gallop Organization that identified the best qualities that leaders require.

General Lesson Plan


"The Basics" - This document is a general lesson plan that can be applied to goal setting and project management.


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